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Ontario proposing Farm Gate Sales

Licensed producers are waiting for the day when they can sell their cannabis at their production facilities and Ontario is getting one step closer to making that a reality.

The province’s Economic Outlook states, “The government is also proposing to amend legislation to facilitate the establishment of retail stores by licensed producers related to their production sites, which would further increase consumer access to legal retail stores.”

The Ontario government still says it’s committed to moving to an open allocation of cannabis retail store licences driven by market demand, but they still haven’t made a commitment of when that will happen.


Another positive step for retailers is that the government is also proposing to amend legislation to allow click-and-collect, whereby cannabis retail stores can sell cannabis products online or over the phone for pick-up by the consumer in-store. The Outlook says, “This would help ensure consumers’ preferred cannabis products are available and would decrease wait times at retail stores.”

Photo courtesy of Annie Spratt

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