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Oshawa Gets a Tokyo Smoke

As the slow roll out of bricks-and-mortar retail cannabis stores make their way through Ontario with a trickle and a whimper, every new location added seems to be a significant win.

The latest retail outlet to cross the finish line is in Oshawa Ontario and it’s going to be a Tokyo Smoke. “We are scheduling to open the week of July 22nd,” says Jacob Stevens, owner and operator of the anticipated location. “But there could be certain hiccups with IT issues that could jump up unexpectedly, but we’re planning for [them].”

For the moment, this new store will be the dominating player in the area, mainly because it will be the only one. “From the first lottery of 25 winners, six were awarded in the GTA [Greater Toronto Area], and we are the only one in Oshawa.”

Tokyo Smoke has been spreading its wings in the retail cannabis space for some time now with three stores in Winnipeg, one in Brandon MB, and one in Toronto at 333 Yonge Street, the former flagship location for the HMV music chain. They also have five stores selling a completely different substance, gourmet coffee. The Oshawa cannabis location will mark their eleventh retail presence to date.

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