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Public Consumption of Edibles Prohibited in Manitoba

Premier Brian Pallister advised that Manitoba will make it illegal to consume cannabis edibles in most public spaces. Although the current legislation may cover that issue, he will amend the law if needed.

“We will have to look at, probably, the wording through an amendment, if necessary. The intention of the law is very clear that we are making illegal the public consumption,” states Pallister.

This law is consistent with Manitoba’s current laws that ban recreational smoking or vaping of cannabis in almost all outdoor public spaces, including beaches, parks, streets, sidewalks, and outdoor entertainment venues. Smoking and vaping were also banned in most indoor public places, so people need to consume at home.

You won’t see people eating cannabis brownies in Manitoba, if someone can tell they’re laced with cannabis. Pallister says, “There are already rules against that. I think that the confusion might be around baking your own cookies versus buying cookies retail. [It] wouldn’t matter. You can’t go to the park and eat them.”

Wab Kinew, NDP leader, believes the rules could be more flexible for events like Folk Fest and other outdoor concerts. “I think that there can be flexibility when it comes to edibles, because I think they’re a bit different than when you smoke weed. The difference is there’s not the second-hand smoke harming another person,” he notes.