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September 2019 retail sales disappointing

For the first time since legalization, cannabis sales in Canada dropped in September. Sales from legal cannabis stores decreased 2.46% to $122,927,000 compared to August, with the most significant drop showing in Ontario and Eastern Canada, where the small number of stores per province is not meeting consumer demand.

BC saw sales increase slightly (0.42%) from August, as stores slowly opened during that month to bring the total number of stores in BC to 123 at the end of September.

Alberta’s sales rose 3.68% in September as that province continued its trend of opening stores each week. As of September 30, Alberta had 291 stores open.

Saskatchewan saw a similar increase of 3.83% while Manitoba sales only increased by 1.88%. There were nominal increases in the number of stores in those provinces during the month of September.

Newfoundland and Labrador, PEI, New Brunswick, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories all experienced decreased sales.

Ontario was the biggest disappointment for retailers and producers based on the size of that market. Sales were down 6.25% or $1,986,000 in September.

Photo courtesy of Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

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