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Vancouver illegal dispensaries lose legal battle

Nine illegal dispensaries in Vancouver lost their court battle against the City of Vancouver and have been ordered to close their businesses after the Court of Appeal for BC turned down their request for a stay. Not only did these stores not have a municipal business licence, they also don’t have a retail cannabis store licence.

The nine stores include 4 WEEDS stores, Canna Clinic, Green Cross Society of BC, Karuna Health Foundation & Metta Lounge, Lotusland Cannabis Club, and The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary.

The city also plans to take legal action against other illegal dispensaries that were not part of the case. Those stores include 3 Canna Farmacy stores, BC Pain Society, Stepping Stone Holistic Living, Better Living Society, Cannabis Culture, Greencity Cannabis Boutique, Herbs R Us, and Lotusland Cannabis Club.

As more legal stores start opening in Vancouver, hopefully the City of Vancouver or the Liquor Cannabis Regulation Branch will force all the other illegal stores to close as well, so consumers will know that any store they go into is a licensed retailer.