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Nunavut Opens Doors to Retail Stores

Starting June 1, the Government of Nunavut will accept applications for cannabis stores, bringing physical as well as online stores to the only jurisdiction in Canada that still doesn’t have any retail stores.

According to a spokesperson from the Finance Department, “There are no established limits on how many applications we will accept or how many stores can operate in a community. Community consultations will inform how many physical stores are licensed in a community.”

Two Classes of Licences

Nunavut will be offering two classes of licences–physical cannabis stores and remote sales. Under physical stores, there are two sub-classes–Enclosed Cannabis Stores and Integrated Cannabis Stores.

Enclosed Cannabis Stores can be stand-alone buildings or a store located within an existing commercial space with walls and a door to serve as a barrier to guard against access from minors.

Integrated Cannabis Stores are located within existing commercial businesses that are accessible by the general public (can be a checkout counter, window or kiosk). Integrated Cannabis Stores can only sell cannabis products and accessories from a price list, provided to the customer once they have shown proof that they are over 19. These stores are prohibited from using any advertising or promotional materials under federal law. All cannabis products and accessories must be locked and out of sight. An employee will take the order, retrieve the items, and place them in an opaque bag prior to accepting customer payment.

A Remote Sale licence will allow a retailer to sell cannabis online or over the phone and ship orders to any Nunavut community. Remote sale stores must either deliver orders via Canada Post or other common delivery carrier. They can also offer pickup services at a licensed physical Cannabis Store.

A retailer can hold a Cannabis Store licence and Remote Sale Store licence for the same location, at no additional fee.


Following are the application and licence fees:

  • Application fee – $2,000
  • Physical Cannabis Stores licensing/renewal fee – $1,000
  • Remote Sale Stores licensing/renewal fee – $500
  • Fee to vary a condition on a licence – $500
  • Fee for transferring a licence – $500

Nunavut Cannabis Retailers must also pay a quarterly licensing fee of 2% of their revenue from cannabis sales.

Purchasing Cannabis for a  Store

Nunavut Cannabis Retailers will be allowed to buy cannabis from any of the following sources:

  • Registered Suppliers;
  • Agents of the NULC; and
  • Other Nunavut Cannabis Licence Holders.

The Office of the Superintendent will maintain a list of all Registered Suppliers. This information will be made publicly available on the Department of Finance website.

You can find more details about the application and licensing processes in the Nunavut Cannabis Retailers Handbook and Cannabis Retail Application Guide.

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