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Sponsored: Next-Generation Electronic Locking & Real-Time Monitoring

Nationwide, retailers are struggling to increase security with “smash-and-grab” crimes on the rise.

According to a recent report done by CNN, 31% of retailers described these acts of theft as being more violent than in years prior. From these violent acts, retailers have suffered losses totaling approximately $48 billion from retail shrinkage.

Security enterprises are addressing these concerns, Senseon chief among them. Founded in 2011, Senseon is a leading manufacturer of hidden cabinet-level electronic access control (EAC) systems. Proven to handle the challenges of asset protection in today’s unpredictable retail environment, Senseon provides discrete locking and tracking for commercial cabinetry.

Seamless is the theme when it comes to hardware. Thanks to its slim and modular components, Senseon systems fit into virtually any cabinet design. The systems omit the need for exposed locks or access devices: All an authorized user needs to do is tap an RFID card to unlock an opening. An option for “auto-open” even omits the needs for knobs or handles.

Compact electronic locks are also key to the system’s high level of protection. These locks deliver impressive performance in a small package, withstanding up to 250 pounds of break-force.

The brand’s Senseon Plus system includes comprehensive software to track user activity and monitor status, helping ensure compliance in sensitive industries. Making tracking simpler is the new system’s intuitive yet accessible software. Thanks to a clean and clear user interface (UI), setup and monitoring are made easy. Managers can adjust user access, identify who accessed what and when, and export audit logs in seconds.

A new iteration of the Senseon Plus is on the horizon. This new generation of protection will allow managers to track activity and adjust workflow in real-time and remotely via personal computer or mobile device. All Senseon Plus data is stored securely on the Cloud for an added layer of security.

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