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BC Introduces Legislation

BC has introduced legislation for the Cannabis Distribution Act (CDA), which will establish the province’s exclusive jurisdiction over wholesale distribution of cannabis, and provide authority for public retail sales.

The proposed Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (CCLA) establishes provincial control over the sale, supply and possession of non-medical cannabis, and establishes licensing of private cannabis retailers, including registration and training requirements for those who will work in cannabis retail. The act outlines restrictions on the possession, personal cultivation and consumption of cannabis by adults and prohibitions for minors.

In addition, the act includes an extensive compliance and enforcement regime to ensure legalization of non-medical cannabis protects children and youth, prioritizes public health and safety, keeps cannabis out of the hands of criminals and keeps roads safe. A key component of this enforcement regime will be a new community safety unit that will target illegal sellers.

In addition, amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) will address drug-affected driving in BC. A first phase of proposed amendments to the MVA will provide police with additional tools to remove drug-affected drivers from the road.

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