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Preparing for Cannabis 2.0

Canadians are eagerly waiting for October when concentrates, edibles, and beverages will be legal.

Licensed producers are starting to get ready to develop new products to bring to market. At the recent Lift & Co Cannabis Business Conference, Niel Marotta, president of Indiva, shared that they want to target the edible space and are in conversations with a company that makes chocolate along with infused sugars and salts. Indiva has hired individuals with experience from Nestle and General Mills to help them curate new products. The company has already ordered equipment and will move forward based on the proposed regulations, hoping that they can make minor adjustments if needed should the final regulations change.

The Supreme Cannabis Co. will be maintaining its focus on high-quality products based on flower, according to John Fowler, president of Supreme. They will be looking at bringing shatter and vape pens into the market, delivering the same high quality products to consumers that they’re currently providing.

Canada’s first cannabis brewery is being built by Province Brands, which has a patent-pending process for making beverages from cannabis stalks, stems, and seeds. The company is heavily focused on research and development to produce innovative new products for Canadian consumers, says Jennifer Dian Thomas, co-founder and COO. Province Brands will also take a gamble on starting to manufacture beverages, producing at a level higher than the anticipated regulations, so they will have products ready to bring to market when they’re legal.

Consumers can also look forward to more CBD-based wellness products as licence holders partner with well-known beauty brands to bring new innovations to market.

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