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Featured Budtender: Ivan Cañada

Consumer education is a major part of a budtender’s daily routine. Passion and knowledge of cannabis products provide the consumer with the best possible shopping experience, whether that person is new to the scene or a market veteran. Budtenders elevate a normal shopping experience by getting your customers the cannabis products most suitable to their wants and needs.

Insalata Cannabis Market retail stores provide patrons with a truly refined cannabis experience. They believe in personalizing each customer visit. Cannabis Retailer and Tether had the pleasure of speaking with Ivan Cañada, one of Insalata Cannabis Market’s knowledgeable budtenders to discuss his career path and how he elevates the customer experience while budtending.

Why Work in the Cannabis Industry?

Career choices can be tough. We are constantly asking ourselves, “What industry is right for me?” Ivan joined the industry after understanding the therapeutic and cultural value of cannabis. “I wanted to contribute to the de-stigmatization and normalization of cannabis,” he says. “As an educator, another main reason to join [this industry] is to counter the misinformation spread by the “war on drugs” and other propaganda.”

Cañada has been working in the cannabis industry for the last three years. Currently, he budtends at Insalata’s new Waterloo location, where he shares his knowledge and passion for cannabis and is provided with the opportunity to re-educate the community. He shares, “Community education is extremely important to me. As an advocate and user, I share my knowledge with kindness in hopes that it could help someone start their cannabis journey.”

Future Career Goals

In the future, Cañada would like to establish media and entertainment platforms that portray the true culture, values, and emotions behind the community. He is also an aspiring competitive athlete looking to normalize cannabinoid use in the health and wellness community. To help further this goal, he recently started working as a gym and coaching sales manager.

Customer Satisfaction as a Budtender

Cañada focuses on transparency and education when serving customers. He has noticed a trend of consumers interested in learning therapeutic options, putting their health first. He says, “Transparency and education is the only approach to customer satisfaction in the cannabis industry, in my opinion. Customers are becoming more aware that their cannabis use has therapeutic effects, meaning that they are prioritizing their health and taking this topic very seriously. Therefore, we as cannabis educators should focus on listening to our guests, to properly recommend a product. The guest is always looking for ‘effective results’ for their needs.”

Insalata Cannabis Market has a friendly, informative, curated, and honest atmosphere, which Cañada enjoys. Guests have access to legal, medical information through their shops, as they have a certified pharmacist next door who can consult with people and answer all their medical questions. He notes, “Our team of cannabis educators is passionate about the opportunities that medical cannabis can provide.”

Tether was established in 2021 with the goal of creating a free community for budtenders across the country to come together. Tether events are a space for budtenders to network and learn from each other. Tether hosts Budtender Appreciation Week every March, with the aim to engage budtenders across the country through customized virtual and in-person brand and partner activations. Visit Tether

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