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Store Design

SQDC stores will have a foyer, which will be attended by a security guard who will ensure no minors enter the premises.

Interactive stations will be available for customers as soon as they arrive. The stations will provide advice on informed and responsible cannabis use and allow customers to start learning about the products available at the SQDC.

In the main area of the store there will be simple, educational displays and information counters that can quickly provide complete details about the products on sale. Posters, literature, and interaction with the advisors will inform customers about the risks associated with cannabis use, provide warnings, and detail resources that are available to consumers if needed.

The 150 products stocked in SQDC stores will be displayed behind counters and customers will receive their purchase only once the transaction has been completed.

SQDC storefronts will be clearly identified and will not allow passers-by to see the cannabis products in the store.

Location of the stores

The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) has signed five new leases for SQDC stores in the cities of Joliette, Mascouche and Montreal. The leases are in addition to the nine others recently signed.

The SQDC has adopted an open, collaborative approach when looking for store locations to encourage the municipalities concerned to come on board. All SQDC stores will be located directly on streets in areas easily accessible to customers.

Joliette: 10 Place Bourget Sud
Mascouche: 172 Montée Masson
Montreal (Acadie): 9250 Acadie Boulevard
Montreal (Peel): 970 Sainte-Catherine Street West
Montreal (Ville-Marie): 830 Sainte-Catherine Street East

SQDC plans to open around 20 stores across Quebec in October, with others being added through 2020. Online sales will also be offered October 17 when cannabis becomes legal.